One Year Celebration at Temple University Hospital

Just a year after it launched, the Mason Shaffer Public Cord Blood Program has banked 52 units of blood, a rich source of stem cells that can be used in life-saving transplants. To celebrate, Women and Infant’s Division staff were treated to a party on April 2, courtesy of the Mason Shaffer Foundation and the New Jersey Cord Blood Bank and Community Blood Services.

The program, which aims to increase the number of cord blood donations especially among the diverse population that TUH serves, is off to a great start. “We cannot thank you enough for what you’re doing,” said Sarah Shaffer, founder of the Foundation and mother of Mason Shaffer, who received a donation from a public cord blood program when he was seriously ill at just seven months old.

In the first quarter of 2015, TUH’s cord blood program collected 88 units, of which 21 units (24%) were suitable to be banked. “These are wonderful results!” Sarah said. To propel the banking rate even higher, the program is focusing on boosting overnight collection rates, and has offered an iPad to the first staff member to facilitate 30 units banked.

Staff members also received Foundation T-shirts, lanyards, and a lunch with hoagies and cake. But spending time with active, smiling Mason, now age 6, was the highlight of the emotional celebration.